Day 1: Introduction – Prayer is Key to Going BEYOND

Day 1: Introduction – Prayer is Key to Going BEYOND

If you stand atop Blood Mountain in the beautiful North Georgia mountains between Cleveland and Blairsville, Georgia, you can access the Appalachian Trail (AT) which stretches to Maine. The actual beginning of the AT is only 31 miles away at Springer

Mountain. Thousands of people have walked this trail, but most would not even consider it, or fail to attempt it due to lack of initiative.

We have a choice whether to stand and gaze over this scenic overlook which stretches for miles on the horizon, or to venture ahead going beyond our comfortable view to actually experience what we cannot see. Should you choose to walk on, you will discover incredible adventures and sights that you have never before experienced. If you remain, you will only see and sense what you already know.

Over 7 million people in Georgia do not know our Savior—they are lost, unchurched, and need us to come to them with the Truth of Jesus Christ. We have a choice. We can stay in our comfortable settings or go after the lost with the love of God.

When you pray and give to the Mission Georgia Offering, you are going beyond to share Jesus. How is that? Every prayer you pray and every dollar you give will help take the Gospel from Blairsville to Brunswick, from Columbus to Clayton, from Albany to Augusta, from Chatsworth to Cairo and…beyond! Your Georgia Baptist State Missionaries are a team of committed believers who partner with our 3,600 churches across the state to reduce lostness.

Thank you for your prayerful and generous response, as together we go beyond what we could ever imagine with God’s message of hope and redemption. Soon we will be posting some very specific prayer requests for you to pray over.

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