Day 2: BEYOND Healing – Baptist Mobile Health Ministry

Day 2: BEYOND Healing – Baptist Mobile Health Ministry

When Patricia first came to the Mobile Health unit for severe dental care, she was brought by a pastor’s wife. After multiple visits for diseased gums, teeth extractions, and dentures, she got more than she expected. Her physical needs led her to a greater need –her spiritual condition.

Through the faithful witness of her friend and the health care providers, she renewed her faith in Christ as Savior. “I had left God out of my life for too long through hard circumstances and He called me back,” she said. Her newfound faith has led her to active membership at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Canton. She now is giving back to the Health Ministry in more ways than one. Along with her Sunday School class, she now helps to prepare hygiene kits for patients and is a willing spiritual witness to clients.

When she first visited the Health Ministry mobile unit at Cool Springs Baptist in Tate, she said, “I was so grateful for people who cared. It was not like a charity, but people who showed me the love of God.” She might be one of only a few people who were glad to go to the dentist for teeth extractions. Her pain became her pleasure as dental care was given to her.

“For years I was embarrassed to smile, so I did not.” Today she shares her broad smile with all those who have the time to befriend her and listen to her turnaround story.

This past year, the Mission Georgia Offering helped the Health Ministry to lead 109 clinic days in 43 locations throughout Georgia while performing 6,439 dental procedures and experiencing 64 professions of faith.


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of those being served for renewal and salvation.
  • Plead our Lord to send additional personnel to staff the units as Drivers and Coordinators.

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