Day 4: BEYOND Prejudice – Church Planting Ministries

Day 4: BEYOND Prejudice – Church Planting Ministries

Egyptian born Mokhles Hanna came to an early faith in Christ and faced prejudice and taunting throughout his childhood. Surrounded by Muslim extremists, his family was often persecuted. An early memory for Pastor Hanna was of his father being kidnapped and taken to the local mosque for questioning and indoctrination.

Many times prejudice begets prejudice. However, with the power of Jesus Christ in his life, Mokhles has overcome his past and is now teaching his Arabic congregation at First Baptist of Lilburn how to reach out to Iraqi Muslims and share the love of the Lord. In the recent past, six immigrants have welcomed Jesus as Savior in their lives and three more are scheduled to be baptized soon.

Going beyond ourselves to where God is calling us is not an option; it is God’s command. The pastor declares, “We must get out of our comfortable churches and into the community where we are planted. We are commanded in the Bible to GO…Jesus died for all mankind.”

Georgia Baptists have partnered with the Lighthouse Arabic Community Church to reach the lost in the greater Atlanta area and beyond. The re-start of this congregation has given them the resources and training necessary to impact the world which God is bringing to Georgia. This church is ministering to seven nationalities and making a difference by going beyond prejudice to prove the power of God.

Your Mission Georgia Offering helps to support this work which, in turn, is helping to change lives in the greater Lilburn community for Christ’s sake.


  • Pray that God will give the Lighthouse Church abundant capacity to supply the multiple needs of clothing, food, transportation and relationships within their church field.
  • Ask God to heal Joseph, Makhles’ special needs child, so they can be more mobile in reaching out.

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