Day 6: BEYOND Borders – Worship & Music Ministries

Day 6: BEYOND Borders – Worship & Music Ministries

Since their founding, the Sons of Jubal and Jubalheirs musical organizations have been on mission beyond our borders to such places as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Moldova, Russia, China, Germany, Israel, and many other places. As a ministry of Georgia Baptists, these groups are committed to sharing the Gospel through music.

The Sons of Jubal, with over 300 voices, consists of men who serve as church musicians, educators, and institutional leaders across Georgia. Since its inception the group has presented concerts in major concert halls, local churches, and communities in Georgia, the United States, and overseas. When the group went to North Korea in 2012 to participate in the International Spring Arts Festival, it was the largest group from the USA to enter the country since the Korean War.

The Jubalheirs, with over 250 voices, is comprised of women who serve as music ministry leaders in churches throughout Georgia. Through their ministry the Jubalheirs have helped launch new churches, facilitated medical and dental clinics, and led training events in several countries.

Both groups present concerts wherever the Gospel can be proclaimed—in churches, villages, civic halls, parks, orphanages, prisons, and other settings.

“We always seek to proclaim the Good News in every country we have been in,” says Dr. Jon Duncan, State Missionary in Worship and Music Ministries, adding that music can often reach many who would otherwise not be open to the Gospel.


  • Ask God to bless the Sons of Jubal and Jubalheirs as they seek to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in our borders and beyond.
  • Petition our Lord for new opportunities to open up for the groups to share in other countries in the upcoming years.

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  1. Andrea Savage

    I forwarded a link to Jubalheir concert to 14 of my e-mail contacts. Four immediately replied that they had watched.

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