Day 7: BEYOND Tradition – The Augusta Project

Day 7: BEYOND Tradition – The Augusta Project

Augusta, Georgia was founded in 1735 as part of the British colony of Georgia, under the supervision of colony founder James Oglethorpe. It was the colony’s second established town, after Savannah. Today, Augusta is the second largest city in Georgia, and the largest city of the Central Savannah River Area. It is also the home of The Medical College of Georgia educating physicians, dentists, and medical personnel who practice worldwide.

Augusta is a city of rich traditions. Southern culture permeates the town. From the lush golf course which annually hosts the Masters Tournament to the Southside of the city where restaurants and businesses are closing rapidly, Augusta is a mission field for the up and out, as well as the down and out.

Traditions can either be built upon or they can prevent you from moving forward. Dwayne Boudreaux, Associational Missionary for The Augusta Association of Baptist Churches, has led a multi-faceted strategy to reach the city for Christ. Five strategic components make up the action plan to impact lostness, including unprecedented cross cultural ministries. Together, with Georgia Baptist State Missionaries, the vision has become reality.

The Georgia Baptist Mission Board initiated a partnership with Augusta in November of 2014. Since that agreement, five new church plants are underway, a new Augusta Mission Center has been dedicated to train missionaries and undergird new church starts. Churches and pastors are now joining together resulting in church revitalization and renewal. God is at work.

Your gifts to the Mission Georgia Offering are reaching thousands of Georgians in Augusta and beyond.


  • Trust God to continue to bless and use the 70 churches and missions in Augusta to reach the lost in both traditional and non-traditional ways.
  • Ask the Lord to bless Associational Missionary Dwayne Boudreaux as he plans and serves.

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