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Special evangelistic events are rapidly becoming primary methods of harvesting the lost for Christ. They are innovative events conducted in church facilities and public areas. These special events target adults by addressing their needs and interests. If you can’t get people to come to you, then you must go where they are to meet them at their points of need.

– Training for pastors and church leaders is available 24/7 at evangelismga.com or Revivalprep.com an EQUIPPING WEBSITE hosted by the Evangelism team of the Georgia Baptist Convention.
– Contact the Evangelism team directly at 1-800-RINGGBC and they will be delighted to consult, encourage, or provide training for your evangelism projects.



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the-hill-bcLooking for summer opportunities in 2017?   
Join The Hill Baptist Church in Augusta for one of these opportunities:

  1. KID’S CAMPS:  June 5-9, June 12-16, and June 19-23.  Camps will include an art camp, music camp, reading & math camp, boys’ camp, and girls’ camp.  Camps will be held from 9 AM- 12 PM, Monday through Friday.  Churches from around the state are invited to partner with us and bring volunteers to help reach the children and families in our community!   For more information contact Ron Jones at 706.736.8446.
  2. BACKYARD BIBLE CLUB:  June 5-9, June 12-16, and June 19-23.   The Bible clubs will run from 9 AM – 12 PM, Monday through Friday.  Churches from around the state are invited to partner and bring volunteers to help reach the children and families in our community.  For more information, contact Ron Jones at 706.736.8446.
  3. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL:   June 26-30.  2017’s VBS will run from 9 AM – 12 PM, Monday through Friday.  Lifeway materials will be used.  If your church would like to help reach the children for Christ, please contact Ron Jones at 706.736.8446.


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Whirlwind Missions needs help in the International Village of Atlanta!  They are looking for teams from all over to help  “Take the Church, To the People!”

Teams will:

  • Meet and learn how to love people in the name of Jesus who are from Mexico, Honduras, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, and many other countries.
  • Take a cultural safari to the World Farmer’s Market, Asian Square, a Vietnamese pharmacy, Al Madina, an Islamic grocery store, see a Hindu Temple at Global Mall, and feel like they’ve been transported to South America at Plaza Fiesta.
  • Enjoy ethnic lunches together or pack their own lunch.
  • Participate in backyard Bible clubs in apartment complexes with activities that include recreation time, games, snack, crafts, and of course sharing Jesus!

Opportunities are available all year! So pick a date that works for your team and contact Ashley Kendall at 404-358-6766 or ashleyackendall@gmail.com

For more information about bringing a team to serve in the International Village of Atlanta, GA, visit www.teamwhirlwind.com and www.whirlwindmissions.org.



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Rock Ministry Cabin

The Rock Ministry

The Rock Ministry was birthed from a burden God gave Terry Hinkle and Donnie Primrose to do something to help people and families who, for whatever the reason, find themselves homeless. In Terry’s words, “We are looking to give people a “hand up” not a “handout.”

God has provided Terry and Donnie with a twelve cabin facility in Troup County (location purposely withheld) to be used for this purpose.  The purpose of this ministry is not to give folks a long term place to stay.  The length of the stay is designed for ninety days, free of charge, during which time the family is given breathing room, so to speak, to get their lives back together.

Terry & Donnie are doing this ministry solely on faith.  Both of these men have other jobs and are financial contributors to the ministry themselves.  And while the cabins are in varying stages of disrepair, they do already have some families staying there.

The need for this ministry is fourfold:

1) Prayer.

2) Provide for the Spiritual needs of the families staying at the facility.

3) Raise financial support for construction materials and operational costs.

4) Recruit volunteer labor to facilitate repairs.

If you would like to be a part of this most worthy ministry, please contact Terry Hinkle at: 706.594.7010 or Donnie Primrose at: 706.442.1253.


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Join Church Planter, David Heavener, of Revelation Studio Ministries in reaching aspiring and established artist in the growing film community in Atlanta!

Your church can partner with this ministry to provide:

  • Coffeehouse equipment/supplies/volunteer baristas
  • Sound Systems
  • Build the set and/or donate materials such as paint, theatrical props
  • Handyman-type work
  • Web Design/Graphic Design

Mission Teams can:

  • Renovate the coffeehouse
  • Be cast, crew, or live studio audience in the filming of the web series
  • Do door-to-door invites, prayer walks

Contact David Heavener at david@davidheavener.com for more information and details.


Literacy Missions

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Literacy Missions

There is an ongoing need for people to assist with various literacy needs.  One of the most common forms of this ministry is English as a Second Language (ESL) where English speaking volunteers help ethnics learn the language so that they can function better while in the states.  This has been an effective method by which Georgia Baptists have been able to share their faith with people from all over the world.  For more information please click here or contact Paulette DeHart .

Acts 1:8 Jerusalem – Impacting Lostness

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Acts 1:8 Individual

1. Start a small group in your home.
2. Start a list of lost people to pray for.
3. Pray for awareness of Evangelistic opportunities daily.
4. View every encounter with another person as an Evangelistic opportunity.
5. Contact your pastor for Evangelism ministry possibilities.
6. Share a meal with an Ethnic person or family.
7. Participate in Evangelism training.
8. Consider being an Ethnic Mobilizer for your church.

Acts 1:8 Church

1. Adopt a local Ethnic congregation and the same people group overseas.
2. Adopt a local non-Christian house of worship to pray for.
3. Plant a new church – Ethnic, Affinity Group, English Speaking
4. Host a joint worship service and swap pulpits with an Ethnic church.
5. Start an ESL program.
6. Start weekly visitation.
7. Provide Evangelism training
8. Request community demographics from Georgia Baptist Convention Research Department.

Acts 1:8 Association

1. Do research on community demographics and share with pastors and key leaders.
2.Identify non – Christian worship centers and share with pastors for churches to adopt for prayer
3.Host an ESL training
4.Become an Acts 1:8 Association and host and Acts 1:8 Rally
5.Seek an Ethnic Mobilizer/Advocate for your Association.
6.Plant or partner with an Ethnic congregation
7.Partner with another Association to maximize resources
8.Form an Evangelistic Missions strategy team

Golden Isles

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Golden Isles

Golden Isles Ministries, along with the Southeast Baptist Association, is inviting you to join them for a quality, organized, and life-changing mission trip along the southeastern coast of Georgia.  The Golden Isles includes: Brunswick, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Woodbine, St. Mary’s, and Kingsland.  Students, adults and children are needed to join in reaching this resort area with beach ministry, family programs, day camps, sports camps, prayer walking, assisting church plants, ministries at the Pier on St. Simons, Jekyll Campground and much more. Affordable lodging is available. For more information contact Garrett Bowman.


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We’re looking for teams to go to Haiti and continue the partnership of Georgia Baptists in Leogane.  Teams will be involved in Preaching, Teaching, Healing, and Building.

Baptists 4 Haiti a Georgia Baptist ministry

Contact Person:
Roland Norris
(912) 674-7649
Email Roland Norris