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22,501 Backpacks for Children of Appalachia!

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22,501 Backpacks for Children of Appalachia!

Praise the Lord for 22,501 backpacks collected by Georgia Baptists and sent to Appalachia in 2014!  Dr. White and GBC President, Don Hattaway, have approved a goal of 25,000 backpacks for 2015.  That is a God-sized goal that all Georgia Baptist churches can help meet.

In order to simplify planning and tracking, all who want to participate in 2015 are asked to utilize our newly developed online registration portal. Please click here to register and start the process of joining in this great ministry.

Please be in prayer for all the labor involved in distribution of the backpacks throughout the Appalachian region.



Where in the World have You Been?

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Where in the World have You Been?

Have you recently gone on mission? How did you minister and what were the results? Have you adopted a people group? Share the results by clicking here so we can rejoice in what God has done and network with others who want to continue the effort.

Shiloh Baptist in Greensboro

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Shiloh Baptist in Greensboro

Pastor Norman Waldrip thanks everyone for the help given to restore Shiloh Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Georgia. Two years ago the work began to restore the building and add a double-wide classroom building. Two men from the Daniel Association came and painted the porch and rails of the handicap entrance. Once an electrician from the church does the electrical work they will be back in their sanctuary (see photo). Praise God for His provision!

SendMeNow Haiti Construction Team

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I have been on a lot of Mission trips and have been able to do a lot of things that I am very proud of, but none of those trips compares to what we accomplished in Haiti.   This was the most meaningful thing that I have ever accomplished on the mission field.  To be able to provide food for orphans that don’t know where there next meal is coming from was an incredible experience.   One that I don’t think anyone on our team will ever forget. –Bill Grissett (team leader)

Lonie Finds Jesus!

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Lonie Finds Jesus!

Lonie is an elderly woman who has lived in Haiti all of her life and has had a mixture of Catholicism and Voodoo for her religious experience.  Lonie is a frail woman, probably in her 70’s.  One of our short term missionaries asked her if there was anything that she could pray for her.  Immediately Lonie turned her head away, and put up her hands in front of her face and said non (no).  The missionary then said it was OK and stilled shared with her about Jesus.

That night we, as a group, prayed earnestly for Lonie and her spiritual state.  We also prayed for another meeting with Lonie.  Well God worked out that other meeting just a few days later.  We found one gentleman in the church who said that he knew her and would have her meet us at the corner the next day.  We drove up the next day and Lonie was there waiting on us.  After I introduced myself and the volunteer missionary, Wendy, our translator.  We shared Scripture with Lonie and in the end she said that she was ready to follow Jesus!