Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief


Updated: 9-20-18

I never cease to be amazed at how fast and often the situation can change!  

Within the last couple hours, here’s our update:

  • An initial, skeletal team will leave tomorrow morning to set up operations north of North Myrtle Beach. 
  • Assessors and chaplains will go in a couple days later.
  • Mud-out will not begin until the end of next week.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do or not do:

  • You will find updates on the web and FB. 
  • Do not self-deploy or send unsolicited donations (clothes, food, etc.).
  • There will be plenty to do for weeks to come!

As plans develop, we will continue to keep you updated.”

– Stuart Lang, lead state missionary in Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief

Updated: 9-17-18

We can all whisper a prayer of thanksgiving that Florence was not as bad as predicted.  That being said, continue to pray as waters continue to rise in the Carolinas.  Rivers have still not crested which means we still do not know the full impact of the storm.  Here’s what we do know: 

  • We have received ZERO requests for needs in GA.  If you know of needs, please let us know.
  • Our feeding kitchen will not be needed in South Carolina.
  • We are still on standby for feeding in western NC, VA, or WV.  American Red Cross is very concerned the mountainous regions of these 3 states may yet see flooding.
  • Randy, my counterpart in SC, anticipates the end of this week AT THE EARLIEST before clean-up efforts can really begin.

Some of you are probably wondering why other state DR ministries have deployed to NC but we have not deployed anywhere.  Here’s the simple answer.  We (GA) committed to SC, and were the only state to do so.  At the time of that commitment, Florence appeared to have SC in its crosshairs, and no one would have imagined the lack of feeding need in SC.  For 2-3 days, we were thinking Florence may even come into GA via Savannah which would have impacted our ability to help SC.  Other states committed to NC just like we committed to SC.  As it all turns out, NC sustained the brunt of damage and will require the most out-of-state help.

In the weeks and even months ahead, we are confident we will be asked to respond.  So let’s prayerfully prepare to respond regardless of when and where that may be. 

As a reminder, please do not self-deploy or collect any items unless requested.  Monetary donations can be made by clicking here.

NOTE:  Normal call-out procedures will be followed if we are asked to respond.  If you have any questions, please contact your Unit Director.


UPDATE:  Thank you Georgia Baptists!  Because of the leftover Buckets of Care you generously donated during last year’s hurricanes, over 400 flood buckets have already been delivered to Florence, SC!

At this time, the affected states have not asked for us to collect any more buckets.  If/when we are asked, the details will be posted here, on Facebook, and emails.

Please continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Florence.


  • 20 Gospel Presentations
  • 361 Volunteer Days
  • Meals Prepared
  • 21 Assessments
  • Mudout Jobs Completed
  • Pressure Washes
  • Mold Remediations
  • 31 Chainsaw Jobs Completed
  • Tear Outs/Repair Jobs
  • Roofs Tarped
  • Children Cared For
  • Showers Completed
  • Laundry Loads
  • Communication Messages
  • 78 Chaplaincy Contacts
  • Other Decisions
  • 61 Ministry Contacts



  • 360 Gospel Presentations
  • 2,373 Volunteer Days
  • 20,302 Meals Prepared
  • 443 Assessments
  • 107 Mudout/Tearout Jobs Completed
  • Pressure Washes
  • Mold Remediations
  • 217 Chainsaw Jobs Completed
  •  Tear Outs/Repair Jobs
  • 107 Roofs Tarped
  • 33 Children Cared For
  • Showers Completed
  • Laundry Loads
  • Communication Messages
  • 1,373 Chaplaincy Contacts
  • 74 Other Decisions
  • 1,347 Ministry Contacts