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No one knows Georgia like us. It's in our name. It IS our mission. And when we see our neighbors struggling - with adoption and foster care, childhood literacy, human trafficking, maternity care, and refugee support - we are called to help. Like you, we want to see our communities thrive. We also recognize that good works require hard work - from all of us. If you've got a heart for your part of our great state, make Georgia your mission, too.

Five Areas of focus


48 of every 100 children in Georgia’s public schools are not reading on grade level. They are now 27% more likely to end up in prison or on welfare.

Foster care & adoption

There are over 11,000 children in Georgia’s foster care system. Partner with an organization near you to change this!


About 374 girls are commercially exploited for sex each month in GA. See how you can reduce this number!

Refugees & Internationals

Over 1 million Georgians were born in another country. Find out how you can best serve them!


Mission Georgia's Maternity Care champions community support to reduce maternal mortality in Georgia.

Make Georgia
Your Mission.

Mission Georgia exists to align your church with the needs in your community.

Want to address needs with literacy, foster care, human trafficking, refugees, or maternity care? We'll align you with the right partners to get started. Want to learn more about other needs in your community? We're here to help.

  • 1 Choose an area of need that your church would like to address
  • 2 Fill out our interest form
  • 3 Mission Georgia will help connect you with an organization near you
  • 4 Gather donation/volunteers
  • 5 Celebrate how you were able to serve and plan for your next opportunity
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Your gifts allow us to help our churches grow in compassion for their neighbors and to share the gospel while meeting needs throughout our great state.
Be the church that changes things.
Check out these Mission Georgia programs.
Read Georgia

Bring Read Georgia to your community and see how 30 minutes, once a week can change a child’s life!

mission georgia one day fun day
One Day Fun Day

For foster families to enjoy local activities, play games, and enjoy food and gifts!

Good works happen when we get together.