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Mission Georgia seeks to provide gospel-centered care to every Georgia community through the local church.

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Five Areas of Focus

Childhood Literacy

48 of every 100 children in Georgia’s public schools are not reading on grade level. They are now 27% more likely to end up in prison or on welfare. Change this with just 30 minutes a week.

For some, reading is a hobby. Others call it a chore. But for many in Georgia, it determines the future.

Researchers have discovered one the greatest factors for crime and poverty is the inability to read well by fourth grade.

Children not reading on grade level by the fourth grade are 70% more likely to end up in jail or on welfare. Literacy ministry across Georgia is changing this reality for many children, and you can too. Working with schools, Georgia Baptists are helping kids succeed in life by helping kids succeed as readers.

Foster Care and Adoption

There are over 13,500 children in Georgia’s foster care system. Partner with an organization near you to change this!

The number of children in foster care and the stories that go with them are stunning. But it is within the scope of 3600 churches across Georgia to change those numbers and stories.

Whether you drop off a meal, donate pajamas or host a play day for foster kids, your support will make God’s love more real in a child’s life and the families who are serving them.

If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, our state has many faith-based organizations that can help you step by step through that process. Together, Georgia Baptists can support ministries and provide resources to help improve foster care in Georgia.

Human Trafficking

About 374 girls are commercially exploited for sex each month in GA. See how you can reduce this number!

The exploitation of individuals who are made in the image of God must be confronted by His church. But there are realities the church needs to better understand.

Human trafficking isn’t confined to a street corner or motel in Atlanta. It happens in rural communities and beautiful suburbs. Unchurched, and churched.

Georgia has many ministries and community collaborators who are joining together to bring an end to modern slavery.

Refugees and Internationals

Over 1 million Georgians were born in another country. Find out how you can best serve them!

Contrary to long standing myths, refugees bring a love of community, hard work and humility.

They have overcome horrific circumstances and live each day as families, students, entrepreneurs and church members – eagerly working to honor the nation that has taken them in.

Although Georgia has seen a drastic reduction of the number of refugees resettled in recent years, many remain, along with immigrant families and individuals. Learn about steps you can take to reach the nations, right here in Georgia.

Pre & Post-Natal Care

About 55% of pregnancy related deaths occur within 42 days of giving birth. You can help these mothers get the care they need!

Hospitality is a well-known description of Georgia, but when it comes to pregnancy, our state doesn’t reflect that reputation. Georgia ranks as one of the worst states for maternal mortality – death as a result of pregnancy.

Many individuals who have faced an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy do so without support or proper care. Others find life changing relationships when they encounter Christians who walk with them.

Serving together, we can make each of our communities a place of compassionate care for expectant mothers.

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Next Steps

Do you want to learn how you can help Mission Georgia's work to support our mission in Georgia? Whether you want to help with literacy, foster care, human trafficking, refugees, or pre/post-natal care, you can begin by completing the following steps:

  • 1 Choose an area of need that your church would like to address.
  • 2 Fill out our interest form here.
  • 3 Mission Georgia will help connect you with an organization near you.
  • 4 Gather donation/volunteers
  • 5 Celebrate how you were able to serve and plan for your next opportunity.
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Donate to mission georgia programs

Mission Georgia provides gospel-focused care to communities across Georgia. There are over 13,000 children in foster care in Georgia and over 400 human trafficking cases were been reported in 2021. We engage with hundred of ministries and organizations each year to help meet needs throughout the state.

Our vision & mission

The goal of Mission Georgia has always been to promote local missions opportunities across the state of Georgia. In 2019, Mission Georgia was re-envisioned with five main emphases: Foster Care, Childhood Literacy, Human Trafficking, Pre & Post Natal Care, and Refugees & Internationals.

Mission Georgia unites individuals and local Georgia Baptist churches to bring gospel-centered care to every Georgia community. We invite you to come alongside Mission Georgia and others like you who want to make an impact for the gospel through serving those most vulnerable in our communities.

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