Improve Pregnancy Care in Georgia

can help save lives

Georgia ranks as one of the worst states for maternal mortality. Mission Georgia is trying to help save lives.

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  • 1 Provide cleaning services or supplies for a pregnancy support center
  • 2 Meet with school guidance counselors and share your desire to help with students who become pregnant
  • 3 Send gift cards to a pregnancy support center that will be given to expecting mothers. Cards for grocery stores, maternity and baby stores, as well as online sites are needed most
  • 4 Collect baby diapers and wipes at your church or with your small group, then donate to pregnancy support centers
  • 5 Prayer walk your community and pray for opportunities to serve those in a crisis pregnancy
  • 6 Offer meals to single mothers after being discharged from the hospital

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Want to dive deeper into the issue?


Georgia is ranked 2nd worst state in the United States for maternal mortality.


Many of these deaths occurred due to a lack of health care access & knowledge of needs during and after childbirth.


Many individuals who have faced an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy do so without support or proper care. Others find life changing relationships when they encounter Christians who walk with them.




  • Women in Georgia with an unexpected pregnancy to seek life affirming help today.
  • Pregnancy care ministries and centers to reach women while navigating COVID closures.
  • Pray for families to hear God’s call to adopt.
  • Pray for individual children and siblings who are waiting to be adopted.
  • Pray that our state’s maternal mortality rate will decrease as women are cared for during and after pregnancy.


  • The Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program provides funding to Pregnancy Help Organizations in Georgia who offer “positive alternatives” to abortion by providing support for pregnancy and parenting for up to one year following birth. View Source
  • In 2010, Amnesty International declared a “maternal health care crisis in the U.S.A.” and said worst of all was the state of Georgia…. The best estimate of the state’s maternal death rate is now double the one Amnesty International called out. View Source
  • The coronavirus outbreak has fueled attempts to ban abortions in some states, but providers where the procedure remains available report increased demand, often from women distraught over economic stress and health concerns linked to the pandemic. View Source
  • Girls raised in a fatherless home are 7 times more likely to become pregnant as a teenager. View Source
  • There is a 2x Greater risk of infant mortality in fatherless homes.
    View Source
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