Hope for a World in Despair

When you look around at our world, there are too many problems for you to fix alone. Mission Georgia unites hundreds of local Georgia Baptist churches to bring transformation and hope to these issues because we are better together.


Mission Georgia Videos

Watch the video for instructions on how to download the videos to your computer. Every church with a 3in1 order will receive a DVD containing each of the six videos below. You’ll find:

Numbers are Our Neighbors (2:38m)

Foster Care & Adoption (4:28m)

Human Trafficking (4:28m) *Discretion advised

Childhood Literacy (4:19m)

Refugees and Internationals (4:24m)

Pre and Post-Natal Care (4:02m)

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Mission Georgia 2022 Overview (2:47)

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Foster Care & Adoption (3:30)

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Human Trafficking (4:04) *Discretion advised

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Childhood Literacy (3:42)

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Refugees and Internationals (3:58)

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Pre and Post-Natal Care (3:59)


Mission Georgia Printed Materials

English Language Materials

Spanish Language Materials

Additional Mission Georgia Materials