MissionGeorgia Offering

The Mission Georgia Season of Prayer and Offering is an annual emphasis which supports the ministries, missions, and evangelism work of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. The 2015 theme is “DAYSPRING: Moving from Darkness to Light” and the offering goal is 1.75 million with emphasis dates of September and year-round.

mission georgia offerning materials 2015

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This DVD includes the theme interpretation and three short video segments testifying about changed lives. The DVD is user-friendly and effective for use on Sunday mornings during worship, in small group settings, prayer meetings, or with mission organizations in your church. Order the DVD using the order form link, or download the video segments from our MissionGeorgia channel on Vimeo. Click to Order DVD | Click to View/Download Videos

B. Offering Envelopes
Easily identify contributions made to Mission Georgia Offering in your church by using these specifically designed envelopes. You may order envelopes to place in your pew racks, chairs, or in the bulletin. Click to Order

C. Posters
Order posters to display in high traffic areas around your church. Available in English or Spanish. Click to Order

D. Prayer Guide
This piece is available to inform your members how to pray specifically for this year’s emphasis. The Prayer Guide is a 6″x6″ booklet sharing ways to pray for this year’s emphasis. Available in English or Spanish. Click to Order

E. Fact Sheet Download
Why Mission Georgia Offering? A fact sheet sharing current highlights of spiritual renewal through ministries in Georgia to share with your group or church. Click to Download (PDF 5.4 mb)

F. 21-day Prayer Guide Download
Renew your personal and spiritual journey through this free prayer guide written by Claude King and edited by John Bryan. Click to Download (PDF 3.0 mb)

G. Printable Logo Download (not pictured)
MissionGeorgia Offering Logo. Instructions: Click to view and right mouse click to download.
Logo white background (JPG .9 mb) | Logo transparent background (PNG 1.6 mb)