Many refugees fled as persecuted Christians

Every year, Georgia welcomes hundreds of refugees from nations where it is illegal to be a Christian or share the gospel. Many refugees fled their country as persecuted Christians. These are people who are seeking asylum and safety from terrible situations in their home countries. 

23,000 international students attend college in Georgia

There are about 23,000 international young adults who have come to Georgia for a college education. Unreached people groups from nations closed to the gospel are now in Georgia as our neighbors.

We will share the good news to all nations

Caring for the foreigner who is among us, we will fulfill our call to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all nations. As unreached people come to our communities, we will share Good News, assured of the day we will see “the vast multitude of people coming from every nation, tribe, people and language” (Revelation 7:9-10).