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ALL Children are a gift from God. Each one deserves care.

The Bible echoes with a great call for compassion and genuine care towards children, painting them as treasured gifts from God. Matthew 18:5 compares welcoming a child as welcoming God Himself.

At the same time, scripture condemns abuse and stresses a compassionate stance on protecting the vulnerable. Psalm 127:3-5 beautifully paints children as a heritage and reward, teaching a responsibility to create environments filled with warmth, empathy, and protection. While embracing this truth, we are cheered toward care, where the well-being of children is vital, fostering a world rich in love and understanding.

Key Georgia Statistics

In every county, city, and village throughout Georgia, there are children in need of care. Care takes on many forms, but adoptive, foster, and extended family care are essential to the wellbeing and future of every child.



There are an average of 11,000 kids in foster care in Georgia.



In Georgia, there are around 3,700 Southern Baptist Churches.



70% of humantrafficking victims spent time in the foster care system.



97% of children who age-out care without a stable, safe support system end up in chronic poverty.



The number of licensed foster homes in Georgia is down 40% from 2019 to 2023 (from 7510 to 4559)

SAFE Churches

SAFE (Supporting Adoptive/Foster/Extended family) churches are faithful to building culture and providing support to children and families involved in adoption, foster care, extended family, or kinship care. Leadership is committed to building awareness of the need, implementing support systems, and providing training opportunities that extend to members of the church and beyond to their communities.

To learn more about the steps to becoming a SAFE church, download this resource (landing page-resource and landing page needs to be created, gated form).

Take Action

Mission Georgia exists to guide your church on a pathway to raising up foster and adoptive families, providing trauma-informed care for vulnerable children, and encouraging every family on their journey. Here’s how:


Starting with foster care awareness, church leadership propels.


Church supports families, builds compassion, aids struggling neighbors.


Trauma training empowers, equips, and transforms ministry approaches.

Understanding the landscape and need for foster, adoptive, and extended family care is the place to start. Charting a path to being part of a gospel-centered solution spurs from a church with champions who are willing to lead the church forward.

Every church should be committed to praying for the vulnerable. We’ve provided a guide to make this a constantly visible part of your church’s culture to care.

May Awareness Sunday

Pastor, inform your church of the great need to care for vulnerable children. Raise up people of compassion in your church. Partner with Mission Georgia to take the next steps to becoming a SAFE church.

Foster Care Advocates

Mission Georgia advocates who specialize in this area are located throughout the state and are dedicated to your region. They can share with you the distinct needs in your region and community and help create a pathway to serve.

There are dozens of ways your church can provide support for families inside your church and into the community. Providing love in practical ways not only builds a culture of compassion but is a means to reach neighbors who might be struggling to love their family members through hardship.
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One Day Fun Day



In this webinar, Tera Melber, Trauma Care Mobilizer for Mission Georgia, deals with an issue plaguing children, teens and young adults in our culture: Trauma. Join us as we discuss trauma and its effects, PLUS opportunities to equip the adults who are called to care for, teach, foster, adopt, reach, and/or disciple them!


Mission Georgia also partners with Resound for monthly courses to equip you to serve children, youth, and adults in your community.

Trauma Foundations may be delivered to your church or group in-person. Contact a Mission Georgia Mobilizer for more information.

Mission Georgia provides regular training opportunities for churches and community leaders on a variety of topics that enhance your ability to lead and support families caring for vulnerable children.

Check out our events page for more trainings scheduled to support your church and community members.

SAFE churches are committed to providing annual training at a minimum. These trainings are designed to sustain awareness for current volunteers, learn about trends in recognizing and treating challenging behaviors, and onboard new volunteers.

Connect with a Mission Georgia Advocate to schedule training for your team.

Mission Georgia Mobilizers

Mission Georgia Mobilizers