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Human trafficking is closer than you might realize. It happens across our state. It's happening in your town.

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You can be part of the change through our Tiny Homes initiative

Together with Wellspring Living, our team at Mission Georgia has developed a new project, called The Tiny Homes Initiative. Beginning January of 2023, there'll be several ways to get involved to help bring tiny home, affordable housing to human trafficking survivors.

WHO CAN HELP: Churches and individuals can be a part of this project that begins in January 2023.

WHAT WE NEED: We’re looking for skilled laborers, hobby builders, volunteers, materials and donors who can help us bring deserving individuals to a new home, continuing their journey to a new life.

A collaborationbuilt to BRING THEM HOME

The Tiny Homes Initiative is the result of a partnership between Mission Georgia and Wellspring Living.


Combat the impact of human trafficking by providing hope for survivors through the 2023 Tiny Homes Initiative!

You can help build beautiful homes for women who are working to reestablish their lives with strength and dignity. Register below.

Tiny Homes Initiative

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